About Lee

(Photo: Season Moore Photography)

After moving around the country with her military family, Lee finally put down roots, allowing her to unpack and hang her art collection of dogs dressed as people. She found the perfect wall for it in a house in the pine woods of North Carolina. She still holds the enviable highly paid job of domestic engineer to three of their four young adult children since finally sadly one has escaped flown the nest. She now moonlights as a writer where she works on perfecting this formula:
1 Love Story + a Sprinkle of Humor + a Happily Ever After = 1 Great Reading Experience
 Lee is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. (Go Spartans!) She is a member of  RWA® , the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, and is a 2014 Golden Heart® Finalist.  She has a weakness for dogs, bacon cheeseburgers, red wine and Alpha heroes.
Lee is represented by agent Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency

 Harley at my desk

Fun Facts About Lee:
  1. Her favorite breakfast is a bacon cheeseburger.
  2. She drinks black coffee every morning. She would give up chocolate before caffeine.
  3. She will eat almost anything with “sea salt caramel” on the label. (Unless it is a bag of Brussels sprouts. See # 8.)
  4. She feels very guilty when she has an overdue library book.
  5. She is one of 7 siblings.
  6. She hates getting lost while driving and admits her children may have learned a few cuss words in the back seat of their van in the days before a GPS was affordable.
  7. She is allergic to polka dots. And stripes. She absolutely cannot wear them or she puffs up like a blower fish.
  8. Her favorite vegetable is asparagus and would only eat a Brussels sprout if someone paid her. A LOT.
  9. She loves musicals, especially Gene Kelly musicals.
  10. She truly believes laughter is medicinal.