13 Days to GIVE AND TAKE!

I’ll admit I was nervous when I began writing Wyatt’s book. Usually my writing process is to come up with a plot idea and then figure out my main characters. But sometimes a character simply appears and tells me who they are. Wyatt was one of those characters. And the more I got to know […]

Picking Favorites

Part 1: Cates Brothers Version Asking an author to pick a favorite of her books is like asking a parent to pick which of their children is their favorite. Can’t be done. But…I do have favorite scenes in each book.  BRINGING DELANEY HOME: There’s a scene in a diner that I love. Delaney stands up and makes […]

Goodreads Giveaway of GIVE IT UP!

My publisher is giving away 100 digital copies of GIVE IT UP, the first book in my new Thorne Brother series. Head on over to enter!! —>Goodreads  I’d love it if you added GIVE IT UP to your Goodreads “Want to Read” shelf!  I’m in love with these brothers–every gorgeous, hard-working, messed up one of […]

A Writer’s Brain or Sneaky Spiders?

I have an overactive imagination. Which is great for writing, sure, but in real life it can be a pain in the behind. But…it came in handy a few days ago and saved me from a run-in with a sneaky spider. Here’s what happened… The other night as I was brushing my teeth I saw […]

The Thorne Brother Series

New Year, New Series! As much as I love my Cates brothers, I’m excited to introduce you to my newest family of brothers, The Thorne Brothers. Here’s a glimpse into what shaped them into the men they are today… Beckett Thorne Twenty-three years ago… By the time I was in the third grade I knew […]