Could This Be Love?

Could This Be Love smallDesperate to help her ill sister, a woman poses as a movie star’s number one fan to get her photo in the paper and find her long-lost family.

Lights: Avery Danford photobombs the action hero’s life, and, as she predicted, the paparazzi splashes the tabloids with her photo. What she didn’t predict? Falling hard and fast…and into bed with last year’s World’s Sexiest Man.

Camera: Sijan Cates, ordered to stay out of the headlines and another scandal by his movie studio, escapes to his hometown, Climax, NC. What he didn’t see coming? An ambitious starlet’s photobomb destroying his need to lie low…and his need to give her a starring role in his personal life.

Action: The chemistry between them sparks and sizzles…until it blows up in their faces. The tabloid photo stirs up a feeding frenzy in search of the reclusive former actress: the paparazzi, an ex-costar and lover, and the film studio she still owes one last film. Forced to work together, Sijan accuses Avery of using him to jump-start her dead acting career. She wants to jump something all right, but it’s not her career.

Cut! Avery barely escaped Hollywood with her soul five years ago. Is she about to lose her heart too?

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