Book #3 Thorne Brother Series

Book #3! Gray’s story. Releases in December 2018. 

Contessa “Tess” Madigan never believed in love at first sight—until she met Grayson Thorne. She tries to ignore the electricity between them because the rumor is he’s a player. They don’t call him Fifty Shags of Gray for nothing. But something about the wild, wounded soul inside him speaks to her. When her best friend jokingly says she needs a man whisperer Tess decides she’s up for the task. 
 Grayson Thorne learned early in life not to trust love. He knows he’s got a rep as a player, but he’s not opening his heart to anyone. The longest time he spends with a woman is when she’s a client and he’s got a rule against sleeping with clients. Not that he’s temped with his newest client, Contessa Madigan. Sure she’s sexy as all get out, but she’s also turning into the client from hell. Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe what she’s doing to him. 
The man is too used to hearing “yes” to his every suggestion, with clients and with women. Tess plans to snag his attention by saying “no.” A lot. Getting Gray Thorne frustrated is only the first step in her plan to taming the playboy for her own.