The Cates Brothers Series…

In the sleepy town of Climax, North Carolina, all five Cates brothers are known for being tall, dark, and delicious. But each has his own incomparable love story…From Kensington’s Lyrical Shine meet Quinn, Sijan, Tynan, and twins, Kaz and Paxton.




2014 Golden Heart® Finalist 

DELANEY Cover Resized LEE KILRAINE                                                                                                                                                                                                                        When an Army nurse’s life is shattered by war, it takes the love of an old flame to help her put all the pieces back together.


Delaney Lyons returns from Afghanistan with a Purple Heart, a prosthetic foot and survivor’s guilt. She’d rather have just bought the T-shirt. After months of physical therapy and pain, she withdraws to her apartment. She wants to be left alone. Her worried sister talks small town cop Quinn Cates, who once carried a torch for Delaney, into bringing Delaney home. Delaney figures she’ll go through the motions of rehab again, and after a few weeks, when her sister stops worrying, she can escape back to her solitary life.

What she doesn’t figure on? Quinn getting in her space and under her skin on a regular basis. Between his hot glances and bad-boy grins, she isn’t sure if she wants to lick his chiseled muscles or hit him with a dumbbell. Solution: Label the dangerous man “off limits” and ignore him. But the darn man practically dares her to commit to rehab. Can she find the strength to try again, or will she miss her last chance to grasp her life back?

Off limits? Not bloody likely. Quinn Cates went to the trouble of kidnapping Delaney’s ornery behind back home–he isn’t going to let them miss their second chance at lust…love…whatever. Sparks fly as Quinn’s brothers get involved while the town grapevine calls the play-by-play.













2013 Unpublished Beacon Contest- First Place Single Title

Could This Be Love 1 (527x800)

Desperate to help her ill sister, a woman poses as a movie star’s number one fan to get her photo in the paper and find her long-lost family.


Lights: Avery Danford photobombs the action hero’s life, and, as she predicted, the paparazzi splashes the tabloids with her photo. What she didn’t predict? Falling hard and fast…and into bed with last year’s World’s Sexiest Man.

Camera: Sijan Cates, ordered to stay out of the headlines and another scandal by his movie studio, escapes to his hometown, Climax, NC. What he didn’t see coming? An ambitious starlet’s photobomb destroying his need to lie low…and his need to give her a starring role in his personal life.

Action: The chemistry between them sparks and sizzles…until it blows up in their faces. The tabloid photo stirs up a feeding frenzy in search of the reclusive former actress: the paparazzi, an ex-costar and lover, and the film studio she still owes one last film. Forced to work together, Sijan accuses Avery of using him to jump-start her dead acting career. She wants to jump something all right, but it’s not her career.

Cut! Avery barely escaped Hollywood with her soul five years ago. Is she about to lose her heart too?


Available now. 








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Crazy Love large cover

Tynan Cates manages his return to civilian life just fine with guilt in the driver’s seat.  But love? Love might drive him crazy. 

Tynan Cates’s military days are over. He’s home among family, friends, and his three-legged rescue dog in Climax, North Carolina—but his new employee is stirring up feelings he thought he’d left behind . . .

Pint-size Lulubelle Swan is not Ty’s—or anyone’s—idea of a construction worker. But she’s so eager to join his crew for the Climax library renovation that he gives her a shot . . . and she totally lives down to his expectations. Aside from her fear of ladders, she’s a hazard every time she picks up a hammer. He’d toss her out on her tight little tush, but he gets the feeling she needs the job—or at least, needs something . . .

Lu’s trying her hardest, but she’s no handywoman. She’s sought out Ty because he served in Afghanistan with the man she loved—and nearly three years after losing Joe, she still can’t move on. Hiding her true intentions, she spends hours with Ty, trying to get him to talk about the past—and in the process, learn how to face the future on her own. But when her quest for closure gets complicated, she may have to open her heart in unexpected ways . . .

Release Date: October 11, 2016. Available for Pre-order now.





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Future Cates Brothers Books…. 

Love 2.0

Mirabel Diaz is a terrible judge of character. Case in point: her last boyfriend. The one she’s on the run from. His deep connections have gotten her fired from her last four jobs. She’s exhausted, broke and desperate. Desperate enough to disappear for a while. In an online gaming forum she hears rumors of a man that can help her. She just has to find him first.

Kaz Cates has been warned to cease and desist. It has nothing to do his propensity to hack into government agencies and large banks. Government agencies and large corporations pay him for that. It seems the service he provides on the side, helping women disappear when they run out of legal options, has ruffled some feathers. So when a woman tracks him down and asks for his help, his hands are tied. He denies any knowledge or involvement.

But an accident on her way out of town totals Mira’s car and leaves her concussed and talking a blue steak about Kaz’s side-job—he has to go into clean-up mode. His only option is to scoop her up until she’s healthy enough to leave town. And maybe he can’t help her disappear, but he can teach her self-defense and some basics toward hiding in plain sight. While he’s busy teaching her to save herself—she might just save him.

Release Date: April 18, 2017. Available for Pre-order now.


You Can’t Hurry Love 

High school English teacher Jolene Joyner, Ms. Climax Model Citizen of the Year for the last two years, is in trouble for the first time in her perfect life. And when she lands in jail, she needs to call her life-long nemesis for help.

Lawyer Paxton Cates has his path to a judgeship all mapped out, except his bachelor status is keeping him off too many of the guest lists where all the real networking is done. So when Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes Joyner, the bane of his youth, calls him for help, he sees a chance for them to help each other.

What’s a little quid quo pro between enemies? Paxton’s willing to help—all Jo has to do is pretend to be head-over-heels in stable couplehood with him for six months.

Other than the fact that no one is likely to believe they’re a couple, there is one other teensy, weensy problem. After a lifetime of being the good girl, Jo really, really loves being bad. She has plans to be bad more often. A good girl would warn Paxton, but a bad girl…she’ll let him figure it out for himself.