Love 2.0

Mirabel Diaz is a terrible judge of character. Case in point: her last boyfriend. The one she’s on the run from. His deep connections have gotten her fired from her last four jobs. She’s exhausted, broke and desperate. Desperate enough to disappear for a while. In an online gaming forum she hears rumors of a man that can help her. She just has to find him first.

Kaz Cates has been warned to cease and desist. It has nothing to do his propensity to hack into government agencies and large banks. Government agencies and large corporations pay him for that. It seems the service he provides on the side, helping women disappear when they run out of legal options, has ruffled some feathers. So when a woman tracks him down and asks for his help, his hands are tied. He denies any knowledge or involvement.

But an accident on her way out of town totals Mira’s car and leaves her concussed and talking a blue steak about Kaz’s side-job—he has to go into clean-up mode. His only option is to scoop her up until she’s healthy enough to leave town. And maybe he can’t help her disappear, but he can teach her self-defense and some basics toward hiding in plain sight. While he’s busy teaching her to save herself—she might just save him.

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