Thorne Brother Series — Book 3. Releases December 25, 2018! 

All as different as nuts, bolts, and nails, the Thorne brothers have put their difficult childhood behind them and opened Six Brothers Construction. Now one of them is about to change his blueprint for living, thanks to a client who sees him as her personal fixer-upper…

Grayson Thorne will do anything for his brothers, but women? They’re just a very pleasurable distraction in his bed. Business comes first, and his heart is permanently shuttered even if the rest of his body is ready, willing, and more than able. Then gorgeous, infuriating Tessa Madigan hires him, and puts every one of his rules to the test…

Tessa’s heard all about “Fifty Shags of Gray” Thorne, and she knows one thing is true: this man has rarely heard the word no. The animal attraction she feels for the cocky carpenter is all too real (and all too annoying), but she can’t help wanting to tame the beast. And if she can convince Gray that love is just as satisfying as lust, they could soon be building the perfect home for their hearts…


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Copyright © Lee Kilraine


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