Fun Stuff



Favorite Things (in no specific order):

puppies, coffee, front porch swings, salted caramel, windy days, the beach, starry skies, friends, bacon cheeseburgers, hydrangeas, a freshly made bed, onion rings, the smell of fresh-cut grass, Autumn, Freddy Mercury, peony bushes, dogs, bees, dogwood trees, red wine, family, a toasty fire on a cold winter day, a good book, Guardians of the Galaxy, Stevie Wonder, Texas, Caesar salad, soft yellow, antique stores, quilting fabric, old photographs, Gene Kelly musicals, a clean house, cold beer at a baseball game, laughing, fuzzy socks, kids, good news, blue jeans, broken-in cowboy boots, the first signs of spring, over-sized sweaters, Bruce Willis movies, singing along with “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen while driving with the windows open on a warm day, making people smile, Billy Joel, grapefruit, peaches in the summer, the anticipation of snow, the feeling after I’ve exercised…

To be continued…




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  1. This is a test. Plus, adding walking in nature to the list.

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