My Hero is Like an Onion

“Life is like an onion, you peel it off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep.” Carl Sandburg On Writing: I found another contender for my hero’s theme song. I think the reason I’m fixating on finding his song is because this hero has a little more going on than my previous heroes. […]

A Brewing Coffee Emergency ;)

On Writing: Like many writers, music is a source of inspiration for me. For Bringing Delaney Home, it was Stevie Wonder music. My new Texas series sprouted from listening to an old song by Julio Iglesias, “To All the Girl’s I’ve Loved Before.” I heard that song and thought, what if that song represented the […]

Honing My Writing Process

“Write like nobody will ever read it. Edit like the whole world will.” Sharon Melton Lippincott On Writing: I’ll be happy when I’ve got more manuscripts written and I can trust my creative process more. I always, always, always feel guilty during the brainstorming/coming up with the plot phase. Always. Because while I’m sitting around […]

Let There Be Music

This is a test of the Emergency “I Really Need to Hear a Song” System. Actually, Google did something very sneaky, but the joke is on them. When I turned on my computer just now, a window opened saying a new update for Adobe was ready. So, I clicked and updated. Guess what? Google, without […]

Brainstorming, and Plotting, and Writing! Oh, My!

On Writing: Brainstorming done + a basic plot laid out = Time to write. I’ve got enough of Tynan’s story set that it’s time to break out the index cards. I found this method on the Internet a few years ago and it works for me. The process is simple: Thinking about my story, I jot as […]