Plotting a Series

On Writing: I bought some colored pens today to use while brainstorming the three other brothers’ stories in my NC series. I’ve decided I need to take the time to at least have a basic plot for them in case I need to make changes to any of the brothers in the two stories that are already written. For example, I wrote Bringing Delaney Home first (Quinn’s story.) When I wrote the second story,  Why Can’t This Be Love? (Sijan’s story) it turned out that Tynan, the wild brother, has two different colored eyes.  So, I had to go back into Delaney and change that. That was a  small thing, but since I’m not sure I like the name Kaz Cates, and I’m not settled on the career I gave Paxton, and both of these things are mentioned in the 1st two books, I need to get this settled. I’ve read some writers who go into great details with spreadsheets and charts etc. I have a list of the brothers and their basic details, but I think I need to add some of the other townsfolk and shops and businesses in town as much of this is reoccurring in all the books.

On Life: I’ve been having trouble getting back into my exercise routine. So, this morning I woke up 30 minutes earlier and went right down to our basement gym setup and worked out. In that respect, I feel great. But, now at just after 1:30 in the afternoon, my behind is dragging. And I’m not a nap person. Hopefully, my body will adjust as the week goes on, because I think getting it done 1st thing, before any excuses or work can distract me, is going to be key.

How does everyone else balance exercise with the sedentary writing life? I know more than a few are using the treadmill desk setups, but considering I can’t sit on our front porch swing and read without getting a headache after a bit, not sure that would work for me. Well, I’ll probably conk out early every night this week, but I’ll see if this early workout time keeps working.  Okay, off to plot the rest of my series. Hope the pollen isn’t getting to you!