The Littlest Thing…

…can sometimes make all the difference.

On Writing: I’ve been trying to plot the other stories for my NC series. I’ve had Kaz’s story in my head for a few months. I’ve been thinking about Tynan’s story for a few days and drawing a blank- until today. I decided to pick a name for my heroine instead of continuing to struggle over the Inciting Incident first.  So, I picked her first name, and boom, a scene between them formed. There they are snarking at each other. A few minutes later I know who she is and why she’s there. And I think I even know some of the details of the “black moment.” And it started with such a little thing. Her name. Now, I think I’ll go jot down more story ideas while this is fresh. And then I’ll try this on Paxton.
On Life: Here too, it’s the littlest things that make all the difference. Our front garden is beginning to put out its first blooms of spring, and almost every flower in our garden is connected in some way to people we love. The clematis was the first to blossom. Big purple flowers. I always call my sister Annie when my clematis flowers for the first time in spring. She loves gardening and is one of the few who will be excited over such a little thing with me. Tulips were next this year. Happygirl  brought us the tulips to remember her travels during her study abroad semester. The irises, from Grandpa Rudy’s house after he passed away, are looking good and should be the next to bloom.

I have my mom’s wisteria because of Annie. After my mom passed away, Annie drove from PA to MD just before Dad put the house on the market and dug up a few pieces of mom’s beloved wisteria. We had to move them in the fall, and it looks like they haven’t recovered yet. Crossing my fingers they made it. My mom’s wisteria is one of the little things that means so much to me. It’s a little thing, but our garden helps me feel connected to people I love. And on days when it feels like life is trying to rough me up, I can sit on our front porch swing overlooking the garden…and breathe.