Brainstorming, and Plotting, and Writing! Oh, My!

On Writing: Brainstorming done + a basic plot laid out = Time to write. I’ve got enough of Tynan’s story set that it’s time to break out the index cards. I found this method on the Internet a few years ago and it works for me. The process is simple: Thinking about my story, I jot as many ideas onto the index cards as come to mind, one idea per card. This is the time to let ideas flow. Even the crazy ones, because with the stuff I write, you never know. Next, lay out the cards and put them in an order that makes story sense. Then it’s time to start writing. Once I get my cards written out today, I’m going to jump-start Tynan’s story with a book-in-a-week deal.

You and I know it’s not really a book in a week, but a week of an all out writing push like NANO. A week when I try to ease up my internal editor (not easy) and let my family fend for themselves at mealtime. (Hey, lest you’re worried, we’re not talking toddlers here. These are young adults who should be able to cook themselves a meal.) I would do a full month, but we’ve got Happygirl’s graduation and all that entails (major house cleaning, party planning, family for almost a week.)  So, that’s my writing plan for the next week. What’s yours?

On Life: Ssssh. (*Looks around furtively*) I don’t want to jinx it, but on the me VS. the deer… I am, how did Charlie Sheen put it? …. oh, yeah, WINNING!!  Now, it’s possible deer just don’t like tulips. They haven’t touched our bright sunny yellow tulips next to the front porch steps. But, they also haven’t touched the clematis plants and I know they looooved them last year. I still need to put some chicken wire around my baby hydrangea bushes. Something (not sure if it was deer or rabbits) treated my young hydrangeas like an all-you-can-eat buffet last year. I saw the first leaves on it a few days ago, so it’s time for “Operation Hydrangea” to commence.
(*edited to fix spacing)