A Brewing Coffee Emergency ;)

On Writing: Like many writers, music is a source of inspiration for me. For Bringing Delaney Home, it was Stevie Wonder music. My new Texas series sprouted from listening to an old song by Julio Iglesias, “To All the Girl’s I’ve Loved Before.” I heard that song and thought, what if that song represented the father? How do the son’s of a womanizing father react and steer their own lives?

Now, I’m working on the third book in my NC series, Tynan’s story. I’ve got it roughly plotted and have started writing it, and the music that keeps playing though my head when I think of Tynan is…George Thorogood. But only the wild music and awesome guitar of George, not the lyrics. The lyrics don’t fit Tynan at all. So, I’m still searching for the song for this book. Maybe Lee Brice, “Hard to Love”?

On Life: It’s busy! But even with everything going on, one matter has risen to the top of my list…I believe our coffee machine is about to die. (Cue scary organ music and horrible gasps.) It kept shutting off during brewing today and I had to unplug it and flip the switch to turn it back on more than a few times to get it to brew the full pot. Now, this machine isn’t that old as we bought it just after we moved into this house not even two years ago. So, while Consumer Reports lists it as a good one, I’m not sure I’d buy it again. Any other caffeine addicts coffee connoisseurs have a good coffee machine you love and would recommend? I’m thinking I’ll need to replace it today or tomorrow because caffeine withdrawal is an ugly thing.
I’m sending thoughts and prayers out to those in the path of the tornadoes last night. I was watching the Weather Channel before bed last night, and it looked devastating. It’s going to be a rough weather week. Today, I will renew the severe storm/tornado warning service through our local television channel. I highly recommend signing up if you haven’t already. It came in handy a few years ago when a tornado came through NC. The engineer and I were away at oldest son’s college three hours away, but our other three kids were at home. When a tornado tore a path within a few miles of our home, this service notified my cell phone, our home phone and the kids’ cell phones. The kids were able to get themselves and Bella to our predetermined safe room. Don’t forget shoes for everyone and bike helmets if you have them. Have a safety plan and stay safe!


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