My Hero is Like an Onion

“Life is like an onion, you peel it
off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep.” Carl

On Writing: I found another contender for my hero’s theme song. I think the reason I’m fixating on finding his song is because this hero has a little more going on than my previous heroes. He’s an onion, and the song helps me peel back all the layers to get to the core of what drives him. My hero, Tynan, was always a wild child, but in a fun full-of-life way, not an angsty bad-boy way. Always the one getting sent to the principal’s office, and then he went off into the Army for 8-10 years right out of high school. One of his last missions has left deep emotional scars. When he returns to his hometown, he lives in the moment, not willing to make any new commitments for reasons that will unfold. He lives on the edge, yet keeps his emotions very controlled. He’s thought through that mission from every angle always coming up with the exact moment he should have changed course. He buries the guilt deep, but it’s there shaping his life like a fallen granite boulder reshapes a stream. I’m thinking the song by the Kongos “Come With Me Now” seems to capture Tynan’s turbulence.