On Life: Progress Report: Me Vs. The Deer… 

Okay, this garden photo is slightly misleading because the deer didn’t touch the irises last year either. But, can you see the vine twined on the iron fence? Those are the three clematis plants that provided breakfast, lunch and dinner for the deer last year. My mom’s gazing ball has been standing guard over them this spring. I don’t want to get too cocky, though, because the next few weeks it’s going to be all about the hydrangea bushes. The deer gobbled those up last year like romance writers devour dark chocolate and coffee.

On Writing: Slow but steady progress when it comes to writing also. I finally finished “that one thing” around midnight last night. Holy heck, this writing dream sure has a lot of working parts to learn and maintain. I did come up with another story plot while having another phone “discussion” with Belladog’s Vet yesterday. I’ve decided my situation with my on-going battle with my Vet is great fodder for a book. I can already see my heroine and Vet hero butting heads over her dog. Only I’ll make the Vet hot and sexy with a full head of hair. And maybe he’ll be stubborn, but unlike my actual Vet, I’ll find a good reason for it.