Learning To Juggle

On Writing: Lots of balls juggling in the air, but so far so good. I guess it’s when I move to juggling chainsaws that I have to worry. I have edited Bringing Delaney Home and written the query letter. I also continue to learn. I read a writing technique book last week, and it gave me an idea of how to revise Why Can’t This Be Love? to strengthen the conflict. So today I pulled out WCTBL? which I haven’t read in a few months to make those changes and I had two things reinforced to me…

#1 I *heart* revising. Love, love, love it. I’ve blogged about this before, but when a beta reader or CP  finds a spot that doesn’t work or is weak in my m/s, I love the challenge of fixing it. I am constantly amazed how (sometimes) just a few words or a sentence or two can change a scene or a character. And sometimes it takes a lot more to fix what isn’t working, but I love the process of puzzling it out.

#2 I had fun reading my m/s. That was nice. I had spent so long on revisions for Delaney that my eyes were crossing by the end. I hadn’t looked at Why Can’t This Be Love? for a few months, so it was honestly fun to read through and enjoy it. You know, I often hear the advice, to write the kind of books you’d like to read. Well, I think I’ve done that. I guess the next step is to figure out if other people will enjoy reading them also. And to keep writing the next one.

I need to start working on pitches because July is racing toward me like a cheetah. And since I’ve never been to any conference, ever, I want to be prepared and ready. And here is where I will indulge in my love of musicals. Today’s inspiration for the “perfect pitch” is…from the movie musical “Pitch Perfect.” (I think I’ve watched this movie with my daughters ten times.Possibly more.)