The Way Heroines Do

On Health: When I woke up this morning, most of the “ow” from yesterday’s run was gone. Yay! The only place I feel it is the muscle that runs along the front outer side of my shin bone (Bing says it’s the Tibialis Anterior muscle.) I think that means I need to run farther next time because I’m pretty sure running faster isn’t in the cards. Unless the neighbor’s dogs chase us again. I didn’t get a run in today as I had a doctor’s appointment very early, but it’s on for tomorrow morning. And then once I have the time, I need new music to run to. Desperately.

On Writing: I didn’t get a full scene written yesterday, but did get a direction and a start. I’ve come up with ideas for four new scenes, three of them will be Delaney and Quinn together. More than one Beta reader said they wanted more of the h/H together, so I’ll see how it goes. The fourth chapter will feed into Delaney thinking she’s “wrong” for Quinn. Just before she decides, to hell with that, she’s perfect for him. 😉 You know, the way heroines do.

Today I’m writing a scene between Delaney and Quinn where they finally discuss something that happened from their past. And since Stevie Wonder songs are pretty much the play list for this book, his song “Where Were You When I Needed You” captures what Delaney felt the one time she reached out to Quinn for help, but he wouldn’t give her what she thought she needed/