It’s Not Always Pretty…

…and that’s okay. Rough drafts, new exercise programs, changing to healthier diets, learning a new craft…whatever goal you’re attempting to accomplish, sometimes just starting..taking those first baby steps, no matter how ugly, uncoordinated and awkward they are, is the most important thing.

On Writing: Today I am going to turn off the Internet and write. I’m excited to finish the scenes I fleshed out and started yesterday. Hopefully adding emotional layers to both Delaney and Quinn. Well, that’s the plan. I’m not aiming for perfect or even pretty. I plan to tie up my inner editor and write away.

On Running: Running was accomplished this morning. It wasn’t pretty, but I went. No dogs, not even Belladog. I may run slow, but not “smell every blade of grass” slow which is the speed Bella goes. I figure the Engineer and I can take her for a walk later tonight. Tip of the day: On underwear when running: choose wisely. I think that’s all I need to say about that.

Anyone have any great new song or artist you like to exercise to? A song that makes you want to move or inspires you? I’m starting a list for my new running/exercise music and would love any and all suggestions. I can’t write with music, but I can’t exercise without music.