Writing Without a Net.

On Writing: I’m talking about the Internet, of course. Okay, I’ve discovered that writing without the ‘Net is not always easy. In the scene I’m trying to finish today, I’ve had to look up rehabilitation therapy for amputees, BKAs (below knee amputations), the parts of a fishing rod, how to string a rod, knots for fishing, the parts of a bridge and NC bridges. And I think I may have left a few searches off! I don’t even remember how fishing came about. Sometimes plots just seem to evolve on their own, but I know that isn’t true. But for the life of me I can’t recall how my mind moved from a PT session to fishing.

Oh, I remember now. It was all on account of the “No Fishing From the Bridge” sign I passed on my drive to my doctor’s appointment yesterday. My writer’s brain immediately started plotting out a scene around the sign. So, when I sat down to write a scene with more interaction between Delaney and Quinn, Quinn being a cop and all, it seemed perfect.

Now, I’ve got Delaney about to fish, but I needed to picture the bridge in my mind. So, helloooo Internet. And, hours of research later, I think I’ve developed a wicked fascination with bridges. Okay. No more bridge research for me. I’ve left Delaney stuck on the side of the bridge. I’ve got to talk her off the bridge. Well, Quinn does, because she’s breaking the law. 😉