Just Like James Brown, I Feel Good

On Writing: A great writing day feels so good. You know how you plan out a scene? You know what *must happen* in the scene and consider what is the worst possible outcome for my heroine here and how do I make that happen? So, yesterday I was working through that type of thinking as I was writing and then at some point it just clicked. I am back to writing by hand in my notebooks first, before I sit down at the computer to write. I’m much more productive that way. And that works for the Belladog too, since I can do my notebook writing on the front porch swing while she wanders around chasing squirrels before we head down to my writing space in the basement. (Where there are no squirrels, and sadly she doesn’t chase the spiders.) I just have a few more words to wrap up this new scene and then on to the next new one.

Update on the Spider Wars: Speaking of spiders…I’m not sure I can say I’m still winning. It is true I haven’t had any new spiders in my writing space…but we seem to have an influx of them all over the rest of the house. And some of those suckers are big. Not Australia BIG, or Texas BIG, but bigger than quarters big. Yuck. And little ones too. I don’t know if it’s because of all the rain we’ve had, or the warming temperatures but I really don’t like spiders in my house. Do cats kill spiders? Not that I can get a cat anyway as I’m allergic. Dogs are no help with spiders.

On Life: We went to a wedding two days ago, and it was lovely and fun. I forgot how much I love dancing. Seriously. When music comes on…I need to move. And it can be any music. Pop, classic rock, Rap, swing, Motown, classical, country. I may look like I’m doing the “Elaine dance” on Seinfeld, but I feel like I’m James Brown. And to quote basketball player Charles Barkley “Ain’t no shame in my game.” Because life is short and dancing is too fun.