Snakes on a Plane, And in our Yard!

On Nature: We live in the woods, so this shouldn’t come as a shock, only it does. We have snakes in our yard. The Engineer saw one yesterday while working in the yard, and the reason it’s worrisome is it was where the Belladog likes to hang out. And we have no idea how she will react to a snake. Will she get scared and leave it alone and run away? Or be all curious, like, what the heck is that, a new toy? And go after it? Ugh, snakes. And we don’t know if it’s just a black snake or the more dangerous copperhead? Yikes.


On Writing: Yesterday I wrote 1624 words in the new scene that came to me while sleeping. I was on a roll, but had to stop to cook dinner. I hate having to do that, but crazily enough, some people still insist on eating. And my stomach was growling. Actually, the Engineer did the grilling and I made the green beans, so yay for teamwork. I hope to finish the scene today. The handcuffs were employed and then safely removed. I think. Huh, it’s possible I left the scene before getting the handcuffs off the person. Quick note to self: check to see if I left someone stranded in handcuffs. (Hey, it happens.) I forgot to dress a character once, and she had a long drawn out convo with a friend while naked. A little icky. Thank goodness my CP noticed it. Have you forgotten to wrap up a detail in a scene? Okay, I’m off to remove the handcuffs. Happy Friday!