Setting Goals

Setting Goals: Do you set monthly goals? Yearly goals? I certainly set daily goals. I love “To-do” lists. I also find weekly goals helpful, and monthly goals. But this might be the first time I’ve set yearly writing goals. Which actually makes sense, since this is only my second year writing full time, and my first year was “unknown territory.”  So, I’ll start with monthly goals for June, but I’ll begin thinking about and setting goals I’d like to accomplish by the end of the year.

On Writing: Y’all know I’ve been trying to bump Bringing Delaney Home up from 58k closer to 70k. I’ve got Delaney to 65k which means another 5k to go. With 2 more new chapters planned that is totally feasible. We’ve been on vacation with the whole family plus a few more (aka girlfriends/boyfriends) which is lovely, but LOUD. No quiet spaces = not a lot of writing. BUT: my June goals are:
~ Finish editing Delaney
~Edit Why Can’t This Be Love? toward new idea for H/h relationship
~Tynan’s story WIP
~Just for fun: Rewrites on my YA with new idea for main character.
~Also for fun: Plot a New Adult m/s
~ Need to finish planning for RWA in San Antonio
~ Research pitching

On Life:
~ Still working on my 3 mile running goal. Slow going…but going.
~Help Happygirl with a project
~Finish helping Sensitivegirl order the last few things she needs for AF field training.
~Read a wider variety of fiction for fun. Also a few biographies.

I will say, I like to set goals that I think are attainable for the daily and monthly goals. But I don’t mind setting a “reach” goal or three for a yearly goals. I may not attain a yearly goal, but I’ll sure as heck learn and grow trying to achieve it. What kind of goals have you set?