Getting Ready for San Antonio

On Getting Ready for my First RWA Conference: Well, I’ve been busy, only not with writing. Holy heck, there is so much involved beyond writing on this journey. Last week I took an on-line class from RWA on preparing the “Perfect Pitch.” Thank you, Selina McLemore! There was a lot of great information. Now I […]

High Maintenance Characters

On Writing: I am still working on the last additional scene to Bringing Delaney Home. It’s been taking longer than I want because I’ve had a few false starts. I don’t want any added chapters to be filler or padding. Yes, I’m trying to lengthen Delaney from category into STish range (see what I did […]

It’s All About the Journey

On Writing: I had a good day of writing yesterday. I wrote a scene for Delaney with Henry Lee, Quinn’s 5 year old godchild. Henry Lee is Hawk’s son and he’s looking for a new mama since his mama had to leave when he was a baby. Hawk is a fellow cop and Army buddy […]

Mood Music

On Writing: I focused on writing so much last week (Book in a week with Heart of Carolina Romance Writers) that I didn’t even blog. There is definitely a sweet spot when balancing writing with social media participation, but some days removing the distraction of the Internet is helpful. I worked on both my new […]

Flirting with Disaster

On Writing: Okay, I’ve got three specific scenes to write in two different manuscripts. And I can’t believe I just typed that, but I did. Yup, I am working on two different manuscripts at the same time. I have never done that before, and I might be flirting with disaster. I didn’t plan it this […]

“Dispose the Day”

On Writing: I’m going to look into Twitter sprints. It sure seems like many writers have success with them. Of course, I haven’t heard people report back on what percentage of the words from a sprint are keepers vs edited out once read, but I’m thinking it might be a great way to get the […]