My Mom’s Wisteria.

On Life: If you’ve read through some of my older posts, you know about my mom’s passing a few years ago and her wisteria plant.  My sister was able to dig some up before my dad sold the house in MD. We planted it at our old house in NC where it thrived. When we sold the house two years ago, we dug some of it up again and brought it to our new house. Where is started to thrive. The only problem was it was near the septic field, and if you know anything about how damaging wisteria roots can be…you’ll know that we had to dig the wisteria plants up. Again. We moved them in the fall, and I’ve been waiting to see if they were going to make it. I looked out the window today and smiled. They made it!

Here is one wrapping around a pine tree. The Engineer planted it so I can see it from the window in my office. It may not bloom this year, but it makes me so very happy to know it made it. It warms my heart in a special way.

On Writing: I had a good day writing and editing, although it wasn’t a high word count day. Today’s edits required an exacto knife and putty instead of a blow torch and some 2 by 4’s. I also spent a few hours helping Happygirl with a project, but I’m hoping for a big chunk of uninterrupted writing time tomorrow. I can write any time of the day or night, but I find I prefer to write in the mornings while the house is quieter and my creative brain fresher. Do you have a favorite or more productive time to write?

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