Plot Twist!

On Writing: Well, heck. I’ve been writing a scene for Delaney, one of angsty conflict between Delaney and Quinn. So, I finally have them where they begin to talk about something BIG, and in my head it’s laying out all perfect until *Plot Twist* it hits me…Quinn is on duty. He’s a cop and was called as backup to a drunk and disorderly. He took care of it. But he’s still on duty for the night. He can’t be having this deep conversation standing next to his police car while he should be getting back to work. Well, he could if he was a lousy cop, but his isn’t. So he can’t. See where I’ve boxed myself in here? Hmmm…what would you do?

#1 Have this conversation take place in the police car. Delaney, arrested and in the back seat? The conversation happens via the rear view mirror.
#2 Don’t have the conversation yet. Find a way to delay it until Quinn is off duty.
#3 Make the conversation short. Maybe Delaney can end it abruptly and Quinn can’t follow up because he’s got to get back to work. This one might work best since she still isn’t telling him everything YET.

I think I’ll try option #3 first. If that doesn’t work, Delaney will have to break the law. Which, now that I think about it, she already did…in chapter 7 and again in chapter 10. I mean, I think it’s against the law to punch a cop, right?