A Palate Cleanser and Shutting Down the Dessert Menu

On Writing: I’ve signed up for Book-in-a-Week with my local RWA chapter, the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. I’m going to set aside the edits/revisions on Bringing Delaney Home and spend the week on my Texas story, It’s a Love Thing. We start the fun tomorrow! My goal is 1,500 words/day for the week. I’m looking forward to this, as I need to take a step back from Delaney. You know how you lose a little perspective when you’ve been working on a manuscript too long? That’s where I am with Delaney. I can’t tell if the new scenes/chapters I added work well or not. Working on my Texas story will be like a refreshing lemon sorbet palate cleanser between courses. Well, that’s the plan.

On Life: I have good news and bad news on our front garden. The good news relates to my MMA-style cage match with the deer. The main goal was to protect the clematis vines which the deer treated like a gourmet all-you-can-eat dessert bar last year. Last year, as soon as a new flower bloomed, the deer gobbled it up overnight. I was determined to outsmart the deer and take my flowering plants off their dessert menu. So, I stationed my mother’s garden gazing ball in front of the vines like a soldier guarding a secure target. Also, the wild and fierce animal put herself on the case… and success!


That is the good news. The bad news is the dogwood we planted last fall and was excited to see grow in the spring is not looking good. We can’t tell if it’s a water situation or a disease/fungus. The leaves are all brown and shriveled. I need to do some research ASAP to see if we can figure out what is wrong in hopes of saving the tree. How is your garden growing?