“Dispose the Day”

On Writing: I’m going to look into Twitter sprints. It sure seems like many writers have success with them. Of course, I haven’t heard people report back on what percentage of the words from a sprint are keepers vs edited out once read, but I’m thinking it might be a great way to get the writing flowing first thing in the morning. Does anyone have any personal observations or advice on experience with Twitter sprints? I’d love to hear it!

My hero and heroine are about to meet up after not seeing each other for about a year. They had a “friends with benefits” relationship going (except she’s loved him since the 4th grade) until she got pregnant. Knowing the hero’s views on marriage and children, she left the state to have and raise the baby with the help of an Aunt. She returns to town only to settle legal matters but gets caught by hero’s mom with the “secret baby” that hero doesn’t know about. (Can I work another trope in here?) I’m going to write their meet-up scene today, but once I’ve met my wc goal for the day, I might attempt to write my synopsis before I get too much more written on It’s A Love Thing. It sure seems like an awful lot of writers who love writing a synopsis write them before the book, and many who hate writing them write them after writing “the end” on a m/s. That’s my battle plan.

And today, for inspiration I’m off to watch Kenneth Branagh’s St. Crispin’s Day from Henry V.