It’s All About the Journey

On Writing: I had a good day of writing yesterday. I wrote a scene for Delaney with Henry Lee, Quinn’s 5 year old godchild. Henry Lee is Hawk’s son and he’s looking for a new mama since his mama had to leave when he was a baby. Hawk is a fellow cop and Army buddy of Quinn’s whose wife bailed on him and their two young children shortly after Henry Lee was born.  Of course, I’ll have to reread it today and see if it works. It’s hard to assess while in the middle of writing it, you know?
I will say, that I’m finding comfort in the writing process. With my first RWA conference coming up, and dipping my toes into the query process for the first time, I feel pressure building. And what I find that helps deflate that…is to write. Because the conference stuff, Golden Heart stuff, pitching and querying stuff…some days all that stuff begins to feel overwhelming. On those days, doubt keeps sneaking up behind me and wrapping his arm around my shoulders like he’s my best friend. So, I shake him off, put my head down and write. And the more I write, the more I get my confidence back.
And to escape back into writing is wonderfully grounding. It reminds me, that like life, it’s all about the journey and not as much about the destination. Today’s musical inspiration is Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” (before she climbed naked onto the wrecking ball!)