High Maintenance Characters

On Writing: I am still working on the last additional scene to Bringing Delaney Home. It’s been taking longer than I want because I’ve had a few false starts. I don’t want any added chapters to be filler or padding. Yes, I’m trying to lengthen Delaney from category into STish range (see what I did there?) but every scene still needs to have a purpose that develops the plot.  And so far I’ve done that. In fact, I really love the extra scenes/chapters of interaction and conflict between Delaney and Quinn. They add complexity to the conflict and let readers know Quinn better, I think. The pacing is still solid which is a good thing. Trying to wrap it up today!

Then next on my list is to revise Why Can’t This Be Love? I might need to scrap my 1st chapter and start in a new place. Or my heroine, Avery, might need an intervention. I know strong, kick-ass heroines are popular and fun to read about. I get that. I like strong heroines too. But that’s not Avery on the surface. She doesn’t see how strong she is. She has to find her strength to stand up for herself as the book moves on. The key is she has to be intriguing enough for a reader to keep reading even if they don’t like/love her in the beginning. It’s a tricky balance that I don’t think I’ve found yet for Avery. Avery is turning out to be a high maintenance character.


Hey! I found the perfect song for my heroine in my newest WIP, Keith Urban’s It’s a Love Thing…Arden has loved Dante for as long as she can remember, but he doesn’t do commitment.