Getting Ready for San Antonio

On Getting Ready for my First RWA Conference: Well, I’ve been busy, only not with writing. Holy heck, there is so much involved beyond writing on this journey. Last week I took an on-line class from RWA on preparing the “Perfect Pitch.” Thank you, Selina McLemore! There was a lot of great information. Now I have to get my pitch finalized and practice, practice, practice.

The really cool thing about the class is it was full of lots of other writers just like me who will be at their 1st RWA conference in San Antonio pitching for the first time. Eeeeek! But we’ve exchanged info and hope to meet up and help each other practice, or at the very least provide moral support. Hello, new Pitch Perfect friends!!

The other thing I did was order my business cards. Hello? Who has been keeping the fun involved of ordering business cards a secret? I’m not a shopper. I don’t even play one on T.V. I really dislike shopping. In fact, I’d rather do laundry, mow the grass or watch paint dry rather than shop. I avoid it to the detriment of my wardrobe. But, wow, was picking a business card design fun! Guess what I found out? I love font! Who knew? It was incredibly addicting to change the font and print size and watch how much it changed the look of a card. I had so much fun I’m sure it took a day longer than it should have. (Yes, I spend almost a whole day designing my card.) Boy, was it fun though. And this was the 250/$10 deal. Can you imagine how much more time I would have wasted  spent if I were looking in the premium section.

Maybe tonight I can get some actual writing done. Anybody else getting ready for San Antonio?