Love Those Light Bulb Moments

On Writing: I’ve been trying to figure out how to revise one of my books since, as I’ve posted before, my heroine needed an intervention. She was just too dang gullible and readers weren’t digging her. So, no problem changing her to be more proactive and less of a doormat, but the plot still had […]

Still Soaking It In: RWA 2014 Conference

On RWA 2014 Conference: Wow! I’m not sure I can even express what Nationals was like. The romance writing world is so friendly and generous, so on that score it is so easy to meet people there. Even the big name writers with book after book on the NYT’s Best Seller List, were so amazingly […]

RWA 2014 Conference

Holy Cow! That was fun. I just got back late tonight, but I hope to post some of the highlights from Nationals. Let me just say it was great! I met so many new people, writers just like me, fairly new, a little lost at their first conference too, but so excited and trying to […]

The Evolution of Me

On Reflection and Raising Girls: Getting ready for the RWA conference in San Antonio has made me think about how much I’ve changed from the person I was in my early 20’s. And I can track back to the “Inciting Incident” and the “New Situation” that made this change come about. In order to pack for the […]

“Pitch Perfect” Pitching

On Pitch Prep: Okay, I finished writing my pitch for my 2014 Golden Heart® Finalist book Bringing Delaney Home. I have doubts on being able to “memorize” it since my memorization skilz have always been notoriously bad. I’ll really have to rely on the advice I’ve heard about approaching a pitch more like a conversation. *In theory*as long […]

Getting Ready to Rrrrrrrumble!

On RWA Conference Prep: Okay, a purse for evening gown/ gala has been acquired. I bought it off the Internet, so I won’t know until tomorrow if the color will work. I firmly believe that shoe makers should be legally required to provide a coordinating purse for every pair of evening shoes they make. Is […]