Back in the Saddle and Moving Forward

On Writing: Adding 14k words to Bringing Delaney Home has taught me a lot about my writing. Okay, don’t laugh, but I actually thought I wrote a pretty thorough 1st draft. I don’t. It’s more like a shell/framework, that I have to go back and fill in or build on. I know that I start with the characters and conversations. I always start with dialogue, and then go back in and layer in narrative details. But, it’s more than that. Two of the chapters I added are pure interaction and conflict between my heroine and hero, Delaney and Quinn. And I love those new chapters! As I sit here thinking, maybe my other take-away, is that I should write longer books. Trying to fit a developed conflict with onion-y layers into under 60k is a challenge, especially when some of my words are spent on humor. Anyway, it is a *new to me* revelation that I find freeing.

On Life: We kept busy yesterday. That’s the plan today too. I’m temporarily taking all my sad feelings and boxing them up and setting them over in the corner. Just in order to move on and get things done today. Back in the saddle and moving forward. Baby steps. *Whoops, small slip up. I made the mistake of going down in my office to check my large calender. With everything going on the last week, I’ve lost track of days and needed to check my calendar to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I wasn’t, but I have things marked on there for next week for Bella, like “Day 28- lytes check and percorten shot” & “Day 14 post-op- have stitches removed.” So, I just lost half an hour to crying. I have regrouped but made the executive decision that I’m not ready to return down to my writing space since Bella always came down and hung out with me. I may need to put a big chair in the spot where Bella used to sit with me, because it just looks and feels so empty without her there. I’ll stay at the dining room table for a bit. I’ve got the same “swimming in quicksand” feeling I had after both my mom and brother-in-law passed away. On a much smaller scale, of course, but still there.

On Getting Ready for RWA Conference: Okay, I’m totally not on schedule for prepping for this anymore. Please, feel free to give me a shout out either here or on Twitter (@leekilraine) about the things y’all are doing or little tips on things you’ve read but wouldn’t have thought of when packing and prepping for it. I would appreciate it! Okay. Taking a deep breath and working through my “to-do” list. Giddy-up.