I Need A Shopping Intervention

On Getting Ready for RWA Nationals: Okay, I went shopping today. By myself. In retrospect, probably not a good idea. I found shoes. The shoes were my *must do* item on my “to-do” list due to timing. I needed the shoes to get my evening dress hemmed. I did that too. So, yay me. BUT… look what shoes I bought with no one there to talk me out of them…

Yikes! I am half-way to positive I’m gonna regret those heels 5 minutes after I put them on. But in my defense:
#1 They’re pretty. (And sparkly.)
#2 It was the 5th store I looked in at the mall. (And I did not have patience for a 6th.) 
#3 I wear size 6 and the selections in that size were limited. 
#4 Did I mention they’re pretty and sparkly? 
Now to figure out the rest of my packing list….
Hey, I totally need a partner to dance this in San Antonio with me…. not in those heels above of course šŸ˜‰