Navigating Through Life: The Travel Channel, Lost Without a Map, and Signs

On Life: Our oldest son, TheAirman, is an air traffic controller in the Air Force. He’s been at his base in MS for not quite a year, yet yesterday he got pulled off his job for his 3rd random drug test. Three in less than a year seems like a lot, but maybe because the responsibility of his job? It used to be nicknamed the “The Golden Stream.” I’m not sure what today’s generation calls it. Anyway, the boy is learning. He had just gone to the bathroom when they came to get him for the test. So this time he grabbed a large Gatorade and a snack and made his A1C-self comfortable next to the two second lieutenants in charge of observing him pee. He turned on the travel channel and said, “Might as well get comfortable, sirs. I just went to the bathroom before you came for me. We’re going to be here awhile.” Three hours of watching the travel channel instead of landing airplanes. Our tax dollars at work. I didn’t think to raise him to pee faster. My bad. I could have saved taxpayers money.

On Writing: Working on pitching for RWA. Then, a little more editing. Then more pitch practice. Rinse and repeat. I don’t think I’ll get back to my WIP until after San Antonio. I gotta admit I’m nervous about attending my 1st ever writing conference, but I’m even more excited about meeting *in real life* all the writing friends I’ve met online. Also, the wealth of knowledge in the workshops and speakers. Pretty excited about that even though I know I’ll spend too much time lost looking to get from one workshop to the next. I’m great with maps, but have a horrible sense of direction. (California always feels like it’s on my left. No matter which direction I’m facing.See what I mean?) All right, what are you looking forward to about the conference? A little nervous about? Oh, and having lived in San Antonio for 2 years, if you pass a Taco Cabana around breakfast time…go in for their breakfast tacos. Seriously good.

On Grief: I don’t want this blog to become a maudlin place, but I just wanted to make it clear for anyone who has followed my blog that Bella did not die from anything related to her Addison’s Disease. If a dog is diagnosed in time, they can live a long full life with proper treatment. Like too many Golden’s, Bella had cancer. Hemangiosarcoma. She was the sweetest dog, and we miss her. But through it all I am horribly conscious of what dealing with loss is like when it’s a loved one, a spouse or a child. My heart and prayers go out to all touched by cancer. Bella passed away the day before the anniversary of my mom’s death, so it made it a wee bit more emotional.

I posted a story about getting a sign from my mom after her death 11 years ago. “Something I Noticed that Might Have Passed me By” Yesterday, this happened: I was driving across the lake (to the mall on my “Great Shoe Hunt”) and it’s a trip I made multiple times with Bella since we went to the Vet once a month for the last 6 1/2 years to get her percorten shot for her Addison’s. Just me and Bella. Only this time it was just me. I got a little weepy and asked my mom to look out for Bella. And while I’m crying and talking to her…this song comes on the radio… and I took it as a sign. Thanks, Mom!