Getting Ready to Rrrrrrrumble!

On RWA Conference Prep: Okay, a purse for evening gown/ gala has been acquired. I bought it off the Internet, so I won’t know until tomorrow if the color will work. I firmly believe that shoe makers should be legally required to provide a coordinating purse for every pair of evening shoes they make. Is that too much to ask? I cannot tell you how much time I spent searching for an evening bag. Okay, I can. Two hours. But I need the purse to hold my reading glasses and an index card for the speech all Golden Heart® Finalists are supposed to have prepared. Of course, writing the speech is still on my “to-do” list on account of needing to wrangle the clothing situation into submission first.

On Other Links: For other 1st timers going to the conference in San Antonio, here is a great video from Erin Knightly on packing..Packing Tips from Erin Knightley .

Also, here’s a post I love from Sonja Foust, a writer in my local RWA chapter, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers:  Sonja Foust on 11 Things I Learned at RWA National Conference .