“Pitch Perfect” Pitching

On Pitch Prep: Okay, I finished writing my pitch for my 2014 Golden Heart® Finalist book Bringing Delaney Home. I have doubts on being able to “memorize” it since my memorization skilz have always been notoriously bad. I’ll really have to rely on the advice I’ve heard about approaching a pitch more like a conversation. *In theory*as long as I know my story inside and out (and after all the time I’ve spent on revisions, I think I do) then I’ll be able to converse about it. I mean, I’ll still practice the hell out of it for ease of delivery. But my brain doesn’t do rote memory very well.

Then I’m moving on to finish the pitch for Why Can’t This Be Love? I have a rough draft of the pitch. Just need to get a final version I’m happy with. Then into that computer of a memory. (I joke, but my lack of good memory is a PITA. I am more than a little jealous of people, like my husband, who have super-soaking sponges for memories. Like they have 4GB to my 128MBs.)

On Clothing for RWA: On the bright side, once I round out my wardrobe with some basic pieces (IE I got a black just-below-the-knee skirt, a black surplice cap sleeve top, a dark gray sleeveless shift style dress) then I should be all set for future conferences. And I’m pretty sure I just discovered the 8th Wonder of the World, except it’s man-made. Or maybe not. Clothing made from rayon/spandex. Hello? When was this invented? It’s comfy, looks good, and even feels a little sexy.

On Writing: I’m guessing I’ll be too tired during the conference to do any writing, but I hope I can brainstorm my WIP while there. It has been set aside too long while revising Delaney and WCTBL? I know I’ll be ready to get back to writing new words when I get back from San Antonio.