Still Soaking It In: RWA 2014 Conference

On RWA 2014 Conference: Wow! I’m not sure I can even express what Nationals was like. The romance writing world is so friendly and generous, so on that score it is so easy to meet people there. Even the big name writers with book after book on the NYT’s Best Seller List, were so amazingly friendly, approachable, and full of lots of good advice. Eloisa James, Connie Brockway, Julia Quinn, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Cathy Maxwell just to name a few.

I didn’t make it to hear Nora Roberts but I saw her quote on Twitter: “My top three pieces of writing advice? Stop whining and write. Stop fucking around and write. Stop making excuses and write.” So there you go.

Meeting all my Golden Heart sisters, the Dreamweavers, in person was the best! So very proud to be part of such a group of friendly and talented women. We’ve gotten to know each other over the last four months, and it was so easy to root for all the Dreamweavers! It’s up on the RWA website now, but the winners are…Sarah Cannon, Short Contemporary / Denny S. Bryce, Romantic Suspense / Kristi Ann Hunter, Inspirational / Marni Folsom, Paranormal / Lenora Bell, Historical / Suzanne Kaufman Kalb, Contemporary (ST) / McCall Hoyle, YA. Congratulations, ladies! It was a fun night!

For those of you buying the workshop audio recordings here is a list of the workshops I loved…
~Sarah MacLean’s workshop on Conflict
~”High Concept” Workshop
~Susan Elizabeth Phillips on Writing Great Characters
~”Jayne and Susan’s Excellent Adventures” SEP & Jayne Ann Krentz on What they wish they had known or glad they didn’t know when they started.
~Julie James and Beth Kery “How to write 300 pages of Romance w/o Demons, Death or World Destruction.”

Those are only a few of the many great workshops. It was a wonderful experience filled with meeting many lovely people and so much great writing information that it will take time to sort through the pieces I can use and store the rest for later. I could write more about RWA 2014, but I’m too darn excited to get down to writing!