Love Those Light Bulb Moments

On Writing: I’ve been trying to figure out how to revise one of my books since, as I’ve posted before, my heroine needed an intervention. She was just too dang gullible and readers weren’t digging her. So, no problem changing her to be more proactive and less of a doormat, but the plot still had her heading into bed with the Hero pretty early. And I decided I needed to change that. I figured out how to do that, but that solution didn’t give me any reason to keep my h and H together on the page. Yikes! We all know that isn’t going to work. So, I went over some of my notes from the conflict workshop and the keeping a plot going for 300 pages workshop and I had a light bulb moment. Woo hoo! I think I’ve figured out how to change the next scene yet keep them together on the page. Don’t you just love those light bulb moments? Sure, I still have to write it and see if it works, but at least now I have a new direction for this story which yesterday seemed derailed off the tracks. What do you do when your writing is stuck? I’m not talking writer’s block. I’m talking about when you’ve written yourself into a corner and can’t figure out a plot solution. Do you have a “go to” method to get that light bulb to illuminate?

On Life: Back to eating healthy, although we didn’t eat too badly in San Antonio. I did eat wheat which I normally try to avoid, but hey, we had to have burgers at Chester’s and breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana. Also tacos from the Taco Garage. And sugar was consumed, but they had yummy desserts at the RWA Gala. The little lemon/kiwi (?) cheesecake tarts were calling me. Repeatedly. And I was like, “Sssh, quiet down little lemon/kiwi cheesecake tarts. You had me at lemon.” So, ixnay on the wheat and sugar again. I’ve posted about this before, but my brain works better when I eliminate sugar and wheat. Adios, Taco Cabana. ¡Hola!, healthy eating.