A Public Service Announcement: Just Say No…

JUST SAY NO…To shiny, new ideas trying to distract you from your current WIP. This has been a Public Service Announcement to all writers needing to finish the darn book.  On Writing: I feel like I’ve been bombarded from all sides lately with ideas and inspiration for new writing projects. The crazy stories one person […]

My 3 Step Plan to Getting Unstuck

On Writing: I’m stuck. Stuck on a plot point and I can’t decided if it’s crazy pants good or crazy pants bad. I must mull this over a bit. I do have a scene to add and work on, and once that scene is done, it might help me decide on the stuck plot thread. […]

Hummingbirds Gone Wild

On Life: It’s that time of year again. We’re heading into my favorite season…fall. Yes, it’s still hot out and still August, but I know it’s on its way because of the hummingbirds. In the last week we’ve had three get stuck in the garage. I think they’re actively trying to find food to fatten […]

First Pages, Characters & Motivation. Oh My!

On Writing: I’m moving on to revise the next in my Climax series, WHY CAN’T THIS BE LOVE? I need to nail down the beginning of this book, but it continues to elude me. I’m still trying to get my character just right. My heroine needed an intervention because I originally made her gullible. I thought […]

Staying Focused on a Goal

On Writing: Two day writing break while moving the twins back to college. Although, I’m brainstorming how I might revise a YA I wrote a few years ago as we drive to and from…  On Life: One down. One more to go today. Four hours driving yesterday. Four more again today. Dropping off the twins […]