“Houston, We’ve Had a Problem.”

On Writing: Deep into revising BRINGING DELANEY HOME. Again. She is definitely the Bionic “We can rebuild her” Woman at this point. Now, I’ve written more than a few times how much I like revising. I do, I really do. I like the challenge of it. But sometimes while in the thick of it, it feels a bit like when I’m doing a deep cleaning of a room in the house. You know the kind where you pull everything out of the drawers and cabinets?The kind where you have to make a bigger mess before you can clean it up? You have to decide what to get rid of and what to keep, how to reorganize and rearrange, fitting everything you just tore apart in more efficiently than the way it was before. That’s where I am in this revision. There are moments I look at the unraveled mess I’ve made of it and panic. Then I remember the scene from “Apollo 13″ and calm down. If they can make a CO2 filter out of nothing but odds and ends while traveling at 20,000 mph 200,000 miles away from earth, I can put this story back together. Anyone else feel this way about revisions?