Are We There Yet?

On Revisions: I’m about half the way done revising my GH m/s. Round three and hoping to get to the end soon. Part of my brain is like a little kid stuck in a car on a long trip, “Are we there yet?” At least eight more chapters need some revisions, three of those extensive, the rest small adjustments to reflect those bigger revisions. You know, like when you throw a pebble into a pond and it ripples out? I’ve got to make sure I find all those places in the book that must change. I’m anxious to be done and to stand back and look at it again as a whole book. I can’t do that yet though, as I’m still tearing it apart and adjusting it scene by scene. The good news is all of this revising highlights how much I’ve learned about the craft of writing and plotting over the last year since I wrote the first version of Delaney. I’m looking forward to starting a new m/s after this. One where I nail the plot and conflict first. Although, I seem to always come up with some “crazy pants” plot idea (Sarah MacLean’s term) that causes me trouble.

On Writing: I’m hoping to get a full day of writing in today as the week is looking tricky since two days will be spent moving kids back to college. So, that’s how I’m spending my rainy day. What about you?

A Nugget of Info: My recordings from RWA14 arrived in the mail yesterday. Last night I listened to the Nora Roberts Q & A session. I love how down-to-earth she is. Anyway, along with her advice to “Stop whining and write. Stop fucking around and write. Stop making excuses and write.”  she revealed this tidbit…SHE KNOWS WHO THE CANDY THIEF IS in the J.D.Robb books!! And she’s not telling! Gah! I love the running candy thief gag, and this is such a tease!

Today’s musical inspiration: is for my character Quinn because in today’s revisions I have to drag the poor guy through a serious gut check. He got over Delaney years ago, but being around her again, he finds he can’t resist her. When he changes course and goes after her, she resists him at every turn. She’s got baggage even she doesn’t want to unpack. He tries to tell her he’s “all in” and then he discovers the truth Delaney’s been hiding. He has to search his soul. Billy Joel’s song “And So It Goes” captures the feeling of Quinn’s thoughts and emotions as he comes out on the other side of his soul searching.