High Stakes in Writing and Life

On Writing: Revisions to BRINGING DELANEY HOME, my GH ms = done. Of course, three seconds after I finished, the doubts floated in. Did I revise enough? Did I add enough conflict during the turning point? Did I make the stakes high enough? Did I add too much and make if feel contrived? Did I stay true to my characters? Gah! I’m going to let it sit a week or two before reading it again.

On Life: No writing for the next two days and we move the twins into their colleges. The good news is it looks sunny and under 90 degrees both moving days. Yay! Today’s inspirational song is dedicated to all those venturing out in life, taking risks and working toward a dream, the Dixie Chicks, “Wide Open Spaces.” Do you remember moving out on your own for the first time? The excitement and the fear? The desire to go after a goal, sometimes so naive you don’t yet know how often life can interfere with that. Sometimes already too knowledgeable about the high stakes involved.