First Pages, Characters & Motivation. Oh My!

On Writing: I’m moving on to revise the next in my Climax series, WHY CAN’T THIS BE LOVE? I need to nail down the beginning of this book, but it continues to elude me. I’m still trying to get my character just right. My heroine needed an intervention because I originally made her gullible. I thought I gave a good reason for why she was, but she still made every Beta reader want to hit their heads against a desk. I’ve been reworking poor Avery. You know when you get it right, don’t you? The characters, the opening scene, the first few pages are so important. And I’ve seen beginnings evolve, getting better over time, so I do know when I don’t have it to keep working. Because when you get it right? It’s magic. How much weight do you give your first few pages? Or the first line even? And getting a character just right? So the reader either loves them or is at least invested in their outcome? Pretty great when that happens.

I’d love to finish the revisions on WCTBL? in time to do a “book in a month” during September. That gives me two weeks for revisions. I would like to add about 10k to the ms, mostly more conflict between the heroine and hero (of course!) I recently cut about 5k from the story of secondary characters that were stealing the spotlight from my h & H. Sijan’s brother (Tynan) and Avery’s best friend (Pia) would not stay quiet.

I am also trying to work my way through some of the many workshops from the RWA conference recordings. I’ve highlighted the ones on craft that I think will be most helpful, and interspersed a few for motivation in between. Last week I listened to the workshop on Motivation: The Glue that Holds Stories Together by Madeline Hunter. It was good. She walks writers through finding deeper motivations for goals and actions. She says the richer the motivation = richer characters and a story with higher stakes. The important thing is that the motivation must make sense to a reader.

Today’s Inspiration: From one of my all-time favorite movies, Star Trek (2009) here is one of the best character introductions ever…