High Stakes in Writing and Life

On Writing: Revisions to BRINGING DELANEY HOME, my GH ms = done. Of course, three seconds after I finished, the doubts floated in. Did I revise enough? Did I add enough conflict during the turning point? Did I make the stakes high enough? Did I add too much and make if feel contrived? Did I […]

Are We There Yet?

On Revisions: I’m about half the way done revising my GH m/s. Round three and hoping to get to the end soon. Part of my brain is like a little kid stuck in a car on a long trip, “Are we there yet?” At least eight more chapters need some revisions, three of those extensive, […]

“Houston, We’ve Had a Problem.”

On Writing: Deep into revising BRINGING DELANEY HOME. Again. She is definitely the Bionic “We can rebuild her” Woman at this point. Now, I’ve written more than a few times how much I like revising. I do, I really do. I like the challenge of it. But sometimes while in the thick of it, it […]

The Accidental Firestarter

On Writing: On my plate today, another day of revising my GH book, BRINGING DELANEY HOME. I seriously started this on Monday, but now that I’m elbows-deep into it, I am regretting that I don’t use Scrivener! I have it on my computer and even took a class, but never really had the time to […]