When Life Hands You Lemons…Make Gluten Free Lemon Bars!

On Where I’m At: Okay, I must confess this last week has not been a very productive writing week. I think part of what happened is that when we had to put our dog Bella down due to her cancer, I didn’t have time to deal with all of the emotions since I was just 2 weeks from my first RWA and still having to gather up clothes, pack and practice pitching. Once back from RWA, we jumped right into getting the twins set for going back to college. And since both were living off campus for the first time, there were new things to get like kitchen stuff, and for one of them, furniture. (Thank goodness for Craig’s List!)

I did manage to revise my GH ms, BRINGING DELANEY HOME, during the first two weeks of August while we were gathering supplies for the twins, so I’ve got that going for me. Once we got them moved back to their respective colleges, the Engineer flew off on business for a week and Happygirl was working 12 hour days at the hospital and I was alone in the house for the first time in over ten years. Because it used to be me and Bella together. So that’s when the emotions hit. It was a crappy week, but realizing that, I went ahead and used the time to catch up on doctor’s appointments, reading on writing craft, and reading for pleasure (which is still reading for craft) and working on different options for my revisions of book #2 in the Cates brothers series. I took a week that was going to be a bust for quality writing, and tackled other items on my neglected “to-do” list. In other words, I made gluten-free lemon bars out of lemons. Not literally, but now that I think of it, that sounds like something I need to do.

Look Squirrel! Gluten Free lemon bar recipes to try:

Gluten Free Lemon Bar #1
Gluten Free Lemon Bar #2

On My Plan for the Next 6 Days: Write. That is all.

On Helpful Sites for Writing Craft: I have found the world of romance writers to be amazingly generous and friendly. There are so many authors who generously offer great information on writing craft. Here are three sites that I always find helpful:

Jami Gold’s Blog  Jami is a paranormal author and her website has a wealth of information on writing and of course her wonderful “beat sheets” that she generously shares. Recently she wrote a post on writing a good author’s bio. (Yes, rewriting mine is on my “to-do” list after reading her post.)

Author Roni Loren’s Blog Also packed full of posts for writers. She also has some cool posts where she blogs about books she buys. Love those.

Seekerville  Love this group of authors and their loyal readers/posters. It is an amazing community of writers who generously offer their knowledge and encouragement to us all. I don’t know how they maintain such great content daily and write amazing books too, but they do. Lots of great writing craft information in their post archives.