“All About That Bass”

On Writing: Working on my juggling skills…I’m working on revising the second book in my Climax, NC series, plus beginning the third book in that series and I’ve decided to try my hand at a novella. Oh, I also changed the names of two of the brothers in my Climax series. Who would have guessed that just changing a name is such a big deal? Not this girl. Yet this is the second time that just getting a character’s name “right” = an instant birth of new ideas where I was previously stuck.
Are you thinking about entering a writing contest? My Golden Heart sister, Piper G Huguley has a guest post at the Seekerville blog, “Why You Should Submit to the Golden Heart® This Year” . Like Piper, I can’t say enough about the friendships that have grown out of my experience as a Golden Heart finalist. Writing can be such a solitary pursuit that for the sake of sanity it helps to have friendships with other writers. People that love you but aren’t writers can support you, but they don’t quite “get” it the way another writer does.
Today’s Song: Younger daughter introduced me to today’s song “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. I love everything about the song and the video! I love the tune and love, love, love the message to girls. Some backstory…I grew up taking ballet. And that means I went on my first diet somewhere around 7th grade. Did I need to? Nope. I was a normal healthy weight, but very thin was in for ballet. There were many years of eating next to nothing while taking 3-4 ballet classes a day. Tuna and grapefruit diet? Yup. So even though I was a normal weight, in my head, I felt fat.
During these years, I also watched my beautiful mother struggle with her weight. She was constantly standing on the scale in our kitchen to check her weight. And walking away frustrated and disappointed if she hadn’t lost a few pounds. My beautiful, gorgeous, talented, amazingly smart mother often let that damn scale in the kitchen have more power than it should have. Which is why once my husband and I got married, we’ve never had a scale in our house.
Raising girls especially, I never wanted them to feel like a number was more important than who they were inside, or how they treated others. Good health is more than a number on a scale anyway. And how much harder for girls and women to feel beautiful when ads, TV and movies bombard us with size 0 models and actresses. So, this song is refreshing!