“Whoever Said Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend…

…Never owned a dog.” On Life: Okay, I got something I know will change my writing habits for a bit. This something will provide incentive to write faster I’m sure. And take more exercise breaks. You know how some people like those 1k/1hr sprints? I’ve devised my own 1k/puppy nap sprint. Yes, I’d like to […]

Hey Big Girl, Back it Up

On Writing: I’ve read suggestions about starting to plot a book from the end and work your way back, but I’ve never tried it before. Until yesterday. Sort of. I’ve been working on revisions of the second book in my Climax series (As you know if you’ve visited here before. I hope to be done revisions […]

You Gotta Believe

On Writing: On one hand, it seems like trying to make it in the writing world is tough to do. Usually there is minor to massive rejection on the road a writer must travel. Competition, comparison, self-doubt, and those times when you think you’ve reached a creative crisis. (Call it what you will, but writer’s […]

Tweaking VS Twerking. A Big Difference.

On Revisions: That moment when you have a brilliant idea for a change and think it will easily blend into the m/s without too much trouble…but then you read through your m/s and it hits you that this “brilliant” solution means your m/s must change. A lot. Ugh. FYI: hitting your head against your desk […]

Sit Down, Heroine. We Need to Talk.

A Stern Talking with my Heroine: All right, Avery, enough is enough. You have been the most uncooperative heroine I’ve dealt with. And this has to stop right now. I mean it. Now, I know you didn’t have the best childhood, which led you to head off on your own at a very young age. […]