Dear 3 A.M. …


Things I think about at the 3 A.M. when I should be sleeping, but can’t…

Are spiders nocturnal?
How do I solve the plot problem with Avery’s sister? And then the eternal question: How do you solve a problem like Maria? Heck, now I’ll never sleep with that song running through my head.
Remember to touch base with Happygirl about how her prep for college interviews is going.
Was there enough taco meat left over from dinner for breakfast tomorrow?
Need to workout tomorrow. No, really.
Call Dad to see how he’s doing and ask him about the Snicker’s Lady.
Hey, where have all the squirrels gone? Just realized I haven’t seen any in the yard for a few weeks now.
Maybe I need to dial  heroine’s sister back a little and make her less of a selfish bitch.
Add grapefruit on the grocery list.
Check with Sensitivegirl about what else she needs for her fancy event.
What if spiders and all creepy bugs always traveled in pairs? And you found one in your bedroom just as you were going to bed.
Message Ashton about her favorite primal recipes. Think we’re bored with our standard primal meals and need to add a few more to the mix.
Find a funny physics joke to text to David.
Oh! What if my Hero knows right away that he made a mistake when he accused heroine of that thing? Instead of waiting until the next day to figure it out, he tries to apologize- her best friend won’t let him talk to her. That might work better.
Ten days until we pick up our new puppy!
Crap. I totally don’t remember how to house train a puppy. Look it up ASAP.
Heck. Get moving on puppy-proofing the house tomorrow.
Double heck. Still need to find a new Vet.
My revisions are stuck on a good segue into the next new scene. Okay, no. That’s an excuse. Write the darn scene and worry about the segue later.
Why isn’t segue spelled segway?

…And on and on it went. The silly thing is I didn’t think about the actual thing worrying me and keeping me from sleeping. I think that’s because it’s out of my hands so actually thinking about it becomes too stressful and makes sleep even more elusive. Such is the life of a parent.

Today’s Inspirational song: Billy Joel’s “Traveling Prayer” I offer up to all those on life’s journey, especially those taking a rougher path.

Last Modified on June 25, 2015
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