Sit Down, Heroine. We Need to Talk.

A Stern Talking with my Heroine: All right, Avery, enough is enough. You have been the most uncooperative heroine I’ve dealt with. And this has to stop right now. I mean it. Now, I know you didn’t have the best childhood, which led you to head off on your own at a very young age. Too young. Shit happened. You couldn’t handle it, but you were smart because when you realized you were losing your soul, you got the hell out of that situation. That took strength. Strength and the support of your best friend. So, now it’s five years later, and where is that strong woman?

You can not wuss out on me now. Come on, Avery! It’s time to cowgirl up. So a big problem has landed splat into your lap. Your sister is sick and she needs help. How would that strong woman handle it? Being proactive, that’s how. You do what you have to do to help her. Sure, you’re a little desperate. Desperate enough to take a few risks, which might backfire in your face. But that’s who you are. So, start acting like it. Okay, we’re done here. Now, let’s get back to work.

On My Writing Plan:

1. Finish. This. Revision. Honest, if it isn’t feeling better by Friday, it’s going to the back of the bookshelf. (No pressure, Avery, but you now have 3 days to cooperate or you get shelved for who knows how long.)

2. Get back to Tynan’s story. Complete the rough draft during NaNo?

3. Novella for prequel idea for the brothers.

Today’s Inspirational Song: For my heroine Avery, who very possibly must lie through her teeth to do what she’s gotta do. And because the video has always made me smile, Terri Clark, “Girls Lie Too.”