Tweaking VS Twerking. A Big Difference.

On Revisions: That moment when you have a brilliant idea for a change and think it will easily blend into the m/s without too much trouble…but then you read through your m/s and it hits you that this “brilliant” solution means your m/s must change. A lot. Ugh. FYI: hitting your head against your desk only adds to the pain of some revisions. Are there any writers out there who plot seamlessly and thus avoid these big revisions? Please, tell me your secret. Detailed outlining? Writing the synopsis first? I’d love to nail the plot the first time. Minor to moderate tweaking I can handle. This revision is feeling a lot more like Twerking. And we know how ugly that is.

Today’s Motivational Song: I dedicate this to myself…Billy Joel, “Get it Right the First Time.” (Hey, I can dream.)